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住宅難なシンガポール。デザインと写真が得意なYuuki Jessicaと、ITが得意ないくさんが偶然シェアハウスで出会い、特技を合わせればなにか面白いことが出来るはず!!と信じて始めたのがこのNameless.Life。世代も来歴も違う二人が、シンガポールというこの小さな島で見つけたキラキラ(ドロドロ?)したものをご紹介します。どうぞお付き合いください 🙂

Singapore – a little island where 3.3 million of Singaporeans and 2 million of foreigners meet.

Yuuki Jessica, a dreamer who is into design and photography, and Iku, an expert of IT, met here in Singapore in a tiny shophouse (January 2015). We founded Nameless.Life, where we share amazing (and maybe sometimes un-amazing) stories we collect in this world, hoping to express our passion through words and pictures. Hope you enjoy!

Yuuki Jessica


平成生まれの浜っ子。今までに訪れた国は20カ国。気が付けば2015年1月よりシンガポール生活開始。現在アメリカ企業のシンガポールオフィスにてアナリストとして勤務。ビーチと太陽が大好物。好きな色は何と言っても紫。写真やその他お問い合わせは→ yuukijessica.com

Writer, Designer and Photographer @ Nameless.Life

A girl from Yokohama city. Yuuki Jessica has been to 20 countries – Asia, North America and Europe – and now is based in Singapore working for an american company (since January 2015). Beaches and the sun are what she loves. And anything purple.

For any inquiries about photography, please visit and leave a message at; @ yuukijessica.com



Writer and System Engineer @ Nameless.Life

Iku went on a world journey while making a little amount of money from FX with a beer bottle in his hand after working for a Japanese SI company for 5 years. One day, he met a Singaporean girl who runs a hostel. She asked him if he wanted to move to Singapore and help her with hostel management and he did so. After a while, he went to India to get a feel of a fast-developing country. However, his stomach couldn’t take it. This is how he ended up with Singapore. He is currently an engineer at an American company. His hobby is knitting.

His first book: アル中無職がシンガポールで就職してみた

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